Heres a little bit about me...

Talent with a twist

I am Geordie Creative with a welsh name. My name is Sophie Gwilt and I’m a recent Graduate with a First class degree. I’m not your typical advertiser and like to think of myself as an creative thinker with the skills of an art director, copywriter and planner. I specialize in great ideas, stopping at nothing until they’re achieved and won’t let my visions be limited by anything. I’m experience in using the adobe software and very familiar with working across different platforms. 


I’m a confident speaker who can present my work boldly and professionally to my clients. Cliché or not, I’m a people person, I get on with everyone I work with and love nothing more than being in a team or duo as two heads are always better than one. 

I can not only creative innovating and successful ads, but can guarantee to amaze you with my sheer talent of making a banging cuppa. Fun fact about me is I am actually a qualified firefighter from the YFA, but If the building is on fire I will probably be running out the building with you!

After reading all about me, I bet you feel like you know me pretty well or you’ve ‘got the gist’, but I always say you can never really know a person until you’ve met them! So please invite me in for a chat and a one of my amazing cuppas,! But during today’s current situation I’ll happily make my own and join you for a video meeting.

This is me! I love a good pair of Ozzy Osbourne sunglasses.