Spotify Music Therapy

Music to remember

Every 3 seconds, someone in the UK develops dementia. 82% of those are cared for by an informal carer, who receive little to no funding. Spotify Compose is an integrated campaign introducing Spotify as the new music therapy service. The platform is designed to help those with dementia while also supporting their informal carers. 


Over 18% of informal carers are still in paid work as well as caring. We decided to try and target them outside of caring with these out of home print ads, showing the benefits of the Spotify compose service.

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1st generic  billboard.jpg

As well as the out of home adverts, we created 3 targeted adverts for places such as a doctors waiting room, the dementia magazine 'dementia together and news papers like The Sunday times.

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As well as creating a unique print campaign we also wanted to have an advert on radio and video. This way we were able to target our audience through sound and create awareness across different platforms.