Route 2


Made to be diluted

Young adults are increasingly becoming the biggest social drinkers in the UK, yet the demand for alcohol has never been lower. Vimto is going bridge this gap by becoming an adult drink available behind the bar.

Print adverts

These are the main focus of this campaign is again to target our audience at the point of sale, but with a more bold sense of humour, almost provoking the social drinkers at the main drinking places and events. 

ROUTE 22.jpg
ROUTE 23.jpg
ROUTE 2.jpg

These are all different lines for the same campaign. They will all have the same design as the top 3 adverts. 

Sophie Gwilt's Portfolio 2019 bigger.jpg

Point of sale

These are our way of getting those serving the drink, involved in advertising the drink using our cheeky humour from the brand.

T shirts 3.jpg
T shirts 1.jpg
T shirts 2.jpg