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Grab a proper drink

Young adults are increasingly becoming the biggest social drinkers in the UK, yet the demand for alcohol has never been lower. Vimto is going bridge this gap by becoming an adult drink available behind the bar.

Print adverts

These are the main focus of our campaign, targeting our audience right at the point of sale. With a cheeky sense of humour, the new Vimto is showing the benefits of drinking Vimto over booze, targeting social drinkers at main drinking places and events. 

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ROUTE 1 - 3.jpg
ROUTE 1 - 1.jpg

These are all different lines for the same campaign. They will all have the same design as the top 3 adverts. 

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Ambient media

This is our ambient media idea for Vimto’s grab a proper drink. We wanted to get the public involved when seeing the new Vimto makeover, to help spread the news on social media and by word of mouth. These will appear on greens and parks mainly outside pubs and bars that Vimto is sold in.

Ambient media

This is a giant coaster for the drink Vimto. Playing on our line 'proper drink' we decided it needed a proper coaster for it. Its eye-catching and attention-grabbing, encouraging our target audience to ask about it at the bar.

mockup 2.jpg
mockup 1.jpg