Youth (Thinking without borders)

Be the change

This was a paid project, given to me from a Manchester agency Waterfall. The brief given to us was for the University of east Anglia, who runs a project called ‘Thinking without borders’ which is an environmental movement brand to help create awareness and cause an impact. 


The UEA wanted to reach out and target its younger audiences with their branch off brand ‘Youth’. We had to create a platform for young people passionate about climate change a place where their voice is heard, as well as encouraging more younger people to get involved. 


We decided to create a movement campaign across different platforms, that cause a big impact no matter how big or small. 

Youth work.jpg

These are the print ads we designed to go up on social media as well as around schools and youth clubs.

insta 2.jpg

These a few of what our daily instagram tips would look like. Every day Youth releases unusual and suprising tips on how young people can help to reduce their carbon footprint. They will be tailored specifically to what young people already do.


These are some of what our snapchat filters will look like. We wanted to created a hard home hitting emotion with these, whilst adapting new technology. 


This is our PR stunt, which is a collection of videos created by passionate youths targeting Lord Callanan to help with climate change. 


These are some of the creative headlines we came up with that the papers will print after our PR stunt to Lord Callanan.  There will also be a case study made about the whole campaign, so that Youth can go round schools and colleges and help promote the movement further

Case study.jpg